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Frequently Asked Questions

General (3)

Why are your pedals only offered in non EU countries?
This restriction is due to the directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the EU. Since we are a small company, the expenses caused by this directive would be too high to handle right now. We are planning on adding EU-countries step by step along the journey starting January 2017.
What type of power supply is required?
All our pedals use standard 9V DC power supply with a negative ground. We highly recommend high quality power supplies with isolated outputs to get the most out of your pedal. Most often the power supply is the main reason for noise issues, so please take care to use a good one.
How many current do your pedals draw?
You can find the current consumption of all our pedals at the "features" tab of the product.

Shipping (4)

Shipping cost
Standard shipping is included in our prices. You can add tracking and/or insurance for a decent price during checkout
From order to shipping - how long does it take?
If the status says "product available", then it will be shipped within one working day. If it shows "on demand", we start building your pedal when receiving the order. The overall building time is 5-10 working days. You can check your order status with your order ID and EMail used to purchase the pedal at any time.
Do you ship internationally?
Of course we do. In fact, we offer free worldwide shipping - except for EU countries (changes January 2017). Our basic free shipping option is handled by Deutsche Post. You can upgrade to insured and traceable shipping by DHL when ordering your pedal.
What happens if a shipment gets lost?
That depends on the shipping option you chose during checkout. Our standard free shipping option includes no insurance. You can add this to your order for a small amount of money. That way, we take care of any pedal that gets lost on its way to the designed destination and replace it.

Quality and Warranty (3)

Do you do some sort of quality check?
Of course. Each pedal is being tested before it leaves our facilities.
I have an issue with my pedal - what now?
Even though we take care to use the most reliable parts and make zero mistakes during the building process - stuff breaks occasionally. Please contact us using the contact form on the website. We will try our best to solve every issue. Only a happy customer is a good customer.
Warranty Information
Ohmless Pedals offers a non-transferrable two year warranty for the initial buyer. During that time period we guarantee our product to be free from defects in material and workmanship. If the product fails within the warranty period, will repair or replace the product at no cost to the initial buyer.