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Yara V2

The Beauty of Sound
Yara V2 Image
Yara V2 Image
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Yara2 is a very versatile low noise optical compressor designed to meet the high standards of guitar and bass compression. It offers standard features of a compressor with a lot of headroom and a clean compression range from light to heavy. It is equipped with a blend knob to maximize your options for tone shaping.



Controls the overall volume of the effect


Controls the amount of compression. Less touch sensitive response at higher settings


Blends between effect and dry signal. Linear response


Finetunes the compressed sound. Full range compression when turned all the way down, less bottom at middle position and less treble when turned all the way up


Controls the time before compression is being released


  • Operates at 9-18V
  • No battery support
  • True bypass (relay)
  • Soft switch
  • Current consumption at 9V DC: 25mA

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