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Yara² is a very versatile low noise optical compressor designed to meet the high standards of guitar and bass compression. It sits well in any mix and is a perfect “always on” toneshaping pedal. Yara² offers standard features of a compressor with a lot of headroom and a clean compression range from light to heavy. It is equipped with a blend knob to maximize your options for tone shaping. It is inspired by the Pale Green and Forest Green Compressor.


Volume › Controls the overall volume of the effect
Compression › Controls the amount of compression. Less touch sensitive response at higher settings
Blend › Blends between effect and dry signal. Linear response
Tone › Finetunes the compressed sound. Full range compression when turned all the way down, less bottom at middle position and less treble when turned all the way up
Release › Controls the time before compression is being released


Operates at 9-18V
No battery support
True bypass (relay) Soft switch
Current consumption at 9V DC: 25mA

209,00 ( net price: 175,63) + shipping cost

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